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So I bought my first road bike last week. I owned a dirt bike when I from ages 15 until I blew it up when I was 17, but never a road bike. I have taken a couple rides, of no more than a couple miles, on a couple different road bikes in my life, but never owned one before. I found a 1985 Honda Rebel 250 for sale for $200. The bike was listed incorrectly and horribly, but I took a leap and a 45 mile drive to check it out. I ended up bringing home a motocycle in the trailer. It didn’t start, but it turned over. It had tabs from 2009 and the owner, who apparently loves JB Weld, lol, admitted he hadn’t driven it in years. It’s not a pretty bike, but I have been in the mood for projects lately. I recently purchased a 1983 Kawasaki KLT 250 for $100 dollars as well. I replaced the fuel pump on that and got the ugly beast running so I felt I needed something else to work on apparently. Anyway, I cleaned the carbs and drained the old gas and got the old Rebel running. The maiden voyage lasted about 3 miles when I found myself on the side of the road. I totally lost power. I called my wife, luckily my POS cell phone got reception, and she agreed to come pick me up. I tried to put the bike in first and all I heard was the sound of metal grinding. I’m not sure yet how these transmissions work, but I was pretty sure this one was shot. I got off the bike in disgust and looked at it shaking my head. Then I noticed the rear sprocket was naked. The chain was so loose it fell off. I quickly put the chain back on and babied the bike back home, tightened the chain and hit the road again. Of course I let my wife know which way I was heading so she could come get me if the bike didn’t make it. Well, she made it just fine. What an awesome time, I only took her about 20 miles, but it was great. The freedom, the air blasting me as I become one with the machine, I can’t believe I spent the last 17 years without one of these. What was I thinking? Although, as I look back, it may be a good thing I waited until 33 to get a bike. I have no urge to see how fast I can get it going, although this little bike would be screaming at 70 I’m sure, I just want to cruise. When I was young I would’ve immediately tested it’s limits, see the blown up dirt bike above. I am way to large for this bike, but I have the itch. I put on about 80 miles this weekend and can’t wait until wednesday when I can get back out there. What a blast.