Bin Laden is dead …. so what

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last night I was watching the local news cast. This is not something I normally do as there is usually something much more interesting to do and I can get the news I’m interested in on the internet whenever I want. Anyway, it was a 9 o’clock newscast and they had a teaser that looked appealing to me, so I stuck around. A few minutes into the newscast they say Obama is going to make an important announcement at 9:30 our time, but they can’t say what the announcement will be about.

My interest is peaked again so I hang around. I’m now switching back and forth between the local news and CNN and FoxNews. 9:30 comes and goes with nothing and a few minutes later the lady on my local news cast says her sources tell her this may have to do with Bin Laden. No other news agency had any wind of this fact for at least fifteen minutes after the local lady from Minneapolis had got it from her source. How the hell does that happen? First of all, the President obviously wanted to break the news. The President could’ve done that had he been able to scrape together a few words in the time leading up to 9:30. It blows my mind that with all the staff at the White House someone can’t whip up a little speech while the President makes his few calls to other world leaders and then get him to a podium with a speech by a time that was announced by the White House. Then staffers and congress people can’t keep thier mouths shut for more than 10 minutes after the deadline and let the word out to a reporter in Minneapolis. Then ten or fifteen minutes after that everyone in the free world knows. Now I’m rooting for the President to announce something different, contact with aliens, his wife is getting a sex change, something other than what every reporter on the planet has now told all the viewers. Finally, at 10:30, actually I think it was even later than that, the President comes out with a speech that, in my opinion, could’ve been written in a few minutes. Basically, the President tells how he okayed the strike and under his direction the military pulled off the strike. How about next time you just give credit only where it is due Mr. President? The strike team did the work, they and some intelligence team did the homework and some naval crew dumped Bin Laden into the ocean. Thanks for approving that Mr. President, how would things ever get done without you. For christ’s sake you couldn’t even give a speech on time and I’m supposed to think you’re some criminal hunting mastermind.

So Bin Laden is dead; good riddance, don’t rest in peace, see ya in hell and all that fun stuff. It took ten years to find and kill this guy. Is it just me or is that a little long to finally get him and then celebrate in the streets. The guy committed the biggest attrocity on American soil and we couldn’t find him for nearly ten years. Not to mention he was wanted in connection with other terrorist acts before 911. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s dead and I’m proud of the military men and women that killed this bastard, but I think it’s a little late for a celebration. There were people gathering at the White House screaming and putting up one finger like the United States just won the Super Bowl or something. Maybe I’m underreacting. Perhaps I’m not as in tune with the American Spirit as other people. I think I’m a pretty patriotic guy. I pay my taxes and sing the star spangled banner at ball games with my hat off. I even tell service men and women how much I appreciate what they do for us. However, I had no feeling or drive to leave my house and go gather and cheer at some spot because some douchebag, granted he may be one of the biggest douchebags ever, was killed by our service men and women.

I don’t think gathering and cheering for things really ever helps. In fact it almost always leads to more problems. I am fully aware that Americans love to make problems for themselves, but perhaps we could find other less positive things to ruin other than a victory. At the very least there is lots of litter, grass is trampled and trees and shrubs get abused. This leads to man hours and taxpayer dollars to clean up a mess made because a bunch of people thought it was a good idea to gather and scream about something good that happened. In other cases this behavior has lead to riots, damage to property, arson and assaults. I am not aware of any of this last night, but that doesn’t mean it was a good thing to have these people gathering and cheering like a bunch of drunks at a football game. To me this is a little more serious than that and a very minor victory in the grand scheme of things. A minor victory that took ten years and will probably not change anything as far as terrorism is concerned. Perhaps we as a country need some better, more constructive outlets to appease us when we are happy, sad, depressed, etc. What do I know though, I’m sitting here expressing pride, happiness, disapointedness and probably a little apathy here in the exciting medium of online writing.


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