Torn….like an old sweater

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have been having a sort of fight within myself lately. I have always associated myself with conservatism and viewed liberalism as a kind of nanny wanna be. Lately, however, I am feeling a little bit betrayed by whole concept of this two party system. It seems to me that niether the conservatives nor the liberals really want to help out the middle class and both are pandering to the rich and the poor. I work hard and have always had a decent job and made a liveable wage. Yet, because of this, I am entitled to zero benefits of this society. I am expected to fully pay my way while the poor get subsidized housing, food, medical care and college educations. Meanwhile the rich, who can afford all this stuff anyway, get tax break after tax break so they end up paying less of a percentage of thier income compared to me.
I realize I was part of the problem perpetuating this and now I am regretting, statements, feelings and votes I have had in the past. Then I think about it and no matter who gets elected nothing really changes anyway. It’s just a bunch of rich folks helping out other rich folks while giving the poor just enough to keep them from revolt. Meanwhile, the middle class has just enough to make it unwise to rebel. Seems to me like these rich folks in power have got this all figured out. Tweak a little here, give a little there, make a slight adjustment on this tax rate or send the people on the bottom portion of the social ladder a check to shut them up for a while.
Here are a couple statistics I pulled off of the census bureau’s website. The top 5% of income earners in this country earn 50.3% of all income earned. The top 10% earn 73.5% of all the income earned in this country. The threshold for the top 10% is only $137,632 per year and is by no means rich in my opinion, but the fact that almost 74% of all the money earned in this country is earned by households making more than $137,000 and over 50% of the income earned in this country is earned by households making over $180,000 a year leads me to believe there is a very small portion of people making a very large portion of the money in this country.
So, with our current system poor people are taken care of and given a modest life, compared to other American lives, while rich people get to keep making more and more money while the middle class gets to keep doing the things that drive this country. The middle class, while driving and building this country, also gets to scrape and scrounge to pay medical bills, put our kids through college and pay our mortgages. This doesn’t seem fair to me.
America is the only first world nation that does not have universal health care. Education is very important to the advancement of our civilization and I believe this should also be paid for. I’m pretty sure with fair tax laws and smart spending this country could easily pay for these for it’s citizens. Instead the status quo gets pushed forward no matter who gets elected. Why do we elect a guy who runs on “change” and then say nothing when nothing changes?
I think we should have a middle class political party. This party would represent the largest portion of our country and make decisions that would benefit the middle class. And then when some moron stands up and says, “you should give rich people tax breaks because they drive this country” we should be able to reach over and slap that idiot across the face. The middle class drive this country and without the middle class the rich people lose all the ways they make money. Rich people should want to take better care of the middle class and help it to grow. This shrinks the poor class and helps everyone. Instead there is a tolerace for hedonistic greed that only help the people at the top and I’m sick of it.


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