Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So last weekend was good. I shot a 53 on the front nine and a 44 on the back nine on saturday. The back nine was good for me the front was not, lol. I was nursing a terrible hangover all day on saturday though. We did a 25 man ICC run on Friday night. That is Wine Friday for my guild, One Knight Stand on Undermine server. I drank two and a half bottles of some good wine and don’t even remember downing sauerfang, which we did apparently. The other tank and I were bombed. I bought a new pool for my son on saturday evening and put that together. I filled it all day Sunday and all day Monday and for two hours on tuesday. It should be full after a couple more hours. It is pretty big, but I’m glad I didn’t get the bigger one I was thinking of. I got to watch my son graduate kindergarten today, that was cute. The sang songs and did little actions while they sang. He got a little diploma and everything. We’ll do it again in 12 years lol.
The next weekend I have off were going camping for my buddy’s bachelor party. I know, I tried to warn him, but he seems dead set on getting married. I looked up the lyrics to one of my favorite family guy songs and we will sing that while gathered drunk around the campfire. It will be fun. We will do some drinking, fishing, swimming and prolly some puking. Anyway, here are the lyrics to the song we are gonna sing, I think it will be great.

In God’s eyes,
everybody’s hot,
This world has beauty all through her,
Picture the fattest chick you know,
God would totally do her,
He’d do her all the way,
even call her the next day,
to see how work was going.

I’ll tell ya how it went.


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